Tips to assist in freeze prevention of water line plumbing

Colder temperatures are here and the potential risk of water line freeze-up is always a nuisance and at times very costly.

Some things you may consider to assist in lessening your risk of water plumbing freeze up are:

Exterior Plumbing

  • Remove garden hoses, drain and store for next season.
  • Turn-off outside hose bib connections and install a hose-bib freeze protector cover.
  • Other exposed valves and fittings wrap with insulation and secure with weather resistant covering such as a layer of plastic and duct tape to hold in place.
  • For under homes with crawl spaces such as mobile homes wrap a heat tape around piping and follow the manufacture’s instructions for installation.  Be sure the heat tape is plugged into a reliable power source.

Interior plumbing

  • Open base cabinet doors under kitchen and bathroom sinks to lessen risk of freeze-up of small water supply lines.
  • Place a floor fan near opened cabinet doors to assist in circulating warmer air to the area where small water lines are located.
  • Some home owners have even used a mechanic’s trouble light under sinks to assist in providing additional warmth by the heat off the 100-watt bulb