See SERVICE AREA page to find out if you are considered NORTHSIDE or SOUTHSIDE. You may also call our office and we can confirm it for you also.

Northside (Cycle 1)

Due Date: 10th of each month.
Termination Date: Around the 20th of each month.

Southside (Cycle 2)

Due Date: 25th of each month.
Termination Date: Around the 5th of each month.


*Any past due balance (shown as BALANCE FORWARD) is cause for immediate termination of service.


  • You will have to pay the FULL balance on your account (PAST DUE + CURRENT BILL) plus a $100.00 disconnect/reconnect fee.
  • Your payment to reconnect service must be CASH, MONEY ORDER, or VISA/MASTER CARD.
  • No checks will be accepted after your service has been disconnected for non-payment or returned payment (check/credit card/ach).
  • Payments received after 2pm will not have water restored until the next business day.
  • You must have the state required vacuum breakers on all outside faucets.
  • You can only pay to have service reconnected during regular business hours Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm (not including holiday closures)

Please see our FAQ page for Frequently Asked Questions on Billing and Termination