Starting Date will be mid-March 2023, East Cedar Creek FWSD will have Core & Main start installing AMR’s in the Harbor Point, Woodwilks, Thunderbird Shores, Tamarack, and Bar H Estate subdivisions. In 2018 the District took out a bond (borrowed money) in the amount of $3.94 million. This money was used to build the new elevated water tower in the Tamarack subdivision, a new modular wastewater treatment plant in the Payne Springs area, upgrade pumping capacities for the Brookshire Water Treatment Plant Intake, and install approximately 1,500 residential AMR’s in the above mentioned subdivisions. The District currently has approximately 7,200 meters in its distribution system and the installation of these 1,500 AMR’s will be the start of a meter change out program that will take the District approximately 5 to 7 years to completely convert all meters to AMR’s.


The ARM system will allow meters to be read from radio receivers in moving vehicles. Water meters are the devices used to measure the amount of water delivered to our customers. Replacing old meters will ensure that East Cedar Creek FWSD can accurately track both individual usage for billing purposes and also monitor and assess community water demands.


This letter is your initial notification of this program. In addition, a reminder notification will be provided through a door hanger in advance of your meter replacement. You will also be giving a courtesy “knock-on-the-door” notification at the time of installation.


All commercial accounts will be contacted personally by East Cedar Creek FWSD to schedule a convenient time of replacement. We are sensitive to your business water needs and will do everything possible to minimize any potential service disruptions.


  • Improve the efficiency of meter reading and water billing
  • Save staff time and fuel
  • Prevent reading and recording errors
  • Minimize the need for personnel to go on the property
  • Ability to detect if a leak or backflow is occurring in your plumbing system


Q: Are the new meters the same as the old ones being replaced?

A: Meters will be replaced with automated ones that will transmit the meter readings to a data collector or mobile device. These automated meters eliminate the need to obtain meter readings directly from the meter and therefore improve the efficiency and lower the cost of the meter reading program.

Q: Why do meters need to be replaced?

As with any measuring device, meters can become less accurate as they age. Water meters have a useful life of 15 to 20 years after which the accuracy may diminish.

Q: Who will install the new meters?

A: Core and Main were selected as the meter provider, and they will use Ratliff Utilities to install approximately 1,500 new meters. Starting Date is scheduled for mid-March, Ratliff Utilities will start installing the new AMR meter reading system. Their crews will wear yellow shirts and/or yellow vests with the logo “Ratliff Utilities” and their trucks will be marked with “Ratliff Utilities”.  

Q: Will my service be interrupted?

A: Yes, there will be a temporary service interruption while the meter is being replaced – typically 15 to 30 minutes. A Ratliff Utilities representative will inform in person each resident prior to the installation of the new meter.

Q: Do I need to be home for the meter replacement work?

A: No, you do not need to be home.

Q: How much will the meter cost me?

A: There is no charge for the new meter.

Q: Will my water bill increase?

A: As meters age, they tend to run slower and may not measure all the water going through them. Depending on the age and accuracy of your meter, you may experience a higher bill due to the accuracy of your new meter. The new meters will simply record consumption more accurately.

New Bonds 2022

In early 2022, the District started looking at a new Bond package for projects. The goal was to secure the money for needed projects while the rates for the bonds were low to help save East Cedar Creek FWSD and its customers money over multiple years. The Districts Board of Directors, management staff, and financial advisors worked diligently to secure a $9.87 million bond in November 2022 before interest rates increased significantly which helps reduce to amount paid back for the loan over a twenty-year period. Some of the projects in the bond are to build two new ground storage tanks at the Brookshire WTP, install approximately 2,500 AMR’s in the Payne Springs area, improvements to the South WWTP, North WWTP catwalk, Water/Wastewater Master Plan to develop plans for future needs, update/upgrade lift stations 57 and 59, and have generators permanently installed at both WTP’s and both Raw Water Intakes to help prevent losing water if the power grid goes down for any reason. Currently, the Districts engineers are working to develop plans for the ground storage tanks, the master plan, and the South WWTP. It will take approximately 4 to 5 years for all projects to be complete.

Customer Notifications

East Cedar Creek FWSD uses its website and Facebook page to try and notify customers of current events. Customers can also receive notifications through phone callouts, emails, or texts for things such as water outages, being on the disconnect list, or other events if their information is current and correct at the office. If you have any questions, or if you need to update your contact information with the office to receive these notices, please see our contact information at the bottom of this newsletter.

Grinder Tank or Gravity Sewer Issues

If you are an East Cedar Creek FWSD sewer customer, please contact us first if you are experiencing a sewer issue. Staff will respond to your call day or night to help troubleshoot the issue. If the issue is determined to be on the customers side, staff will inform you of the situation and you can decide what to do from there. If the issue is on our side, staff will attempt to repair at the time they are there, depending on the repair needed, or may reschedule to normal business hours when more staff are available to help. We would like to help reduce costs for our customers who call a plumber first and the issue ends up being on the ECCFWSD side.

East Cedar Creek FWSD Contact Information

Normal Hours: M-F, 8am to 4pm, Office # 903-887-7103, email –

After Hours: # 903-887-7103 (Follow prompts for emergency on-call staff)